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Tim Riddick Photography is a fine art film wedding photography studio based in the metro Washington DC area. As a wedding photographer with a photojournalism degree allows for Tim Riddick to capture moments organically as they happen. Tim Riddick serves the area Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.


You know there are somethings that really need no real explanation but this wedding is dear to me... so i will detail you with some details. I met Tiffany totally by chance. I met her sister Heather who just so happens to be a first class wedding planner in DC by chance as well and we began to work together when her sister needed a photographer for her wedding she sent her my way. After emailing back and forth with Tiffany i knew there was something special about her relationship with Matt. I knew that they were meant for each other and not in that silly way that people say that they are meant for each other but in a different way. Tiffany did not want Matt she needed Matt. Matt needed Tiffany to feel complete. Heather will tell you that she does not know a more giving, selfless, loving, and extraordinary person then her sister Tiffany. I can totally agree after spending "their day" with them. Tiffany and Matt i really wish you both the best in life and i felt honored to be able to spend a moment in this so called life with the two of you.

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