Portraits for Kyle


It all started when...

 "you refused to be anyone other than you...even at the beach. You sat with a homeless guy on the boardwalk that day, shared your fries with him and told him that you cared about him. You knew that most would give physical things, but few would give their time."

Kyle was a traveling kid. He wasn't homeless. The sky and the open road was his home. Kyle struggled with a lot of things in his life but the one thing he did not struggle with was his love of people. He always found the time to share his story and to listen to the stories of others. His time spent talking and getting to know people was worth more than any possession that he owned. Kyle would give the shirt off of his back and the boots off of his feet if it would mean that it would go to someone else who needed them more. He gave more than he ever wanted to receive.

Last year on Christmas Day, Kyle suddenly passed away. He left behind a flood of memories and a how to manual of how to love life even though he struggled at time with his. He is missed everyday. In his memory, I am offering portrait sessions for a minimum donation of at least $75. 

The proceeds of each session will go to helping traveling kids. It will help provide things like backpacks that will be filled with tarps, toothbrushes, feminine products, gift cards for coffee and other things that will help them on their journey. 

Each session will be 30 minutes long and will be on Saturday September 10, 2016. Sessions will be held at Old Town Alexandria and will include between 20-40 digital downloadable files from each session. You will also get an online gallery to share with family and friends. You can book your appointment below. Only 10 of these sessions will be available. In the appointment notes please notate how much you would like to donate in Kyle's memory and i will send you an invoice for your amount prior to the session.