Letters to Grey


Happy Birthday!

Holy crap! I can not believe you are one already. It is not supposed to happen this fast. It has been kind of crazy since you entered our lives. Perhaps that is the reason why the time has gone so quickly. I should probably tell you a little bit about your first few days into this world. You decided that you wanted to come a little earlier than we thought. On fathers day of 2014 is when you decided that you had enough of being inside the womb and you wanted to high five mom and dad. I want to be honest that was not in our birth plan. It was however in Gods plan. We tried everything to get you here the way your mother and I wanted. We had an amazing Doula named Abby. She worked with your mother and I to try and come up with perfect birth plan. You should have seen your mother at night on the exercise ball while watching TV. I still laugh a little bit when I think about it. Your mother was in labor for just over 38 hours. She did the majority of the heavy lifting without medication. She worked hard to get you here. It is probably, single handily the most determined that I have ever seen her. It is something that I will never forget. In that room in early hours of the 17th I found a new level of admiration for your mother. I did not know it was possible to love someone so much. The day of your birth taught me several things. It taught me that no matter how you plan things it may never go according to your plans. I learned that no matter what, it is best to always fight for each other. It does not matter if you want to quit, the commitment that you make to another person should always come above yourself. I struggled with that for a real long time but after this experience I found it a whole lot easier to put others before myself. I learned in the hospital that your mother is pretty darn determined. I learned that no matter how hard the situation that I am glad to walk in this life with your mom. We are not always perfect but we strive to be good parents. It is really, really important to us to not only be great parents but to also be great for each other.  In that hospital room on the 17, we became better for each other. 

I was so nervous when you were delivered that I totally blew out the first photograph I took of you. Its pretty funny considering that I consider myself to be a professional photographer. My hands were really shaky and my brain just simple did not compute what it should. I hope we can laugh about it later. I want to let you know that you are an over the top happy baby. You laugh and smile all the time. You often get our attention with your high pitch screams of joy. I often put you to bed at night when I am home but your mother does a ton of the heavy lifting because I work so much. You really enjoy napping with me, maybe its because you wanted to come into this world on fathers day. At least that is what I would like to tell myself. I am sure you will grow out of it but until then I will cherish the moments where you do. Your brother Noah loves you. I mean really loves you. He loves hanging out with you in your crib, in the pack and play, in our bed and in the bathtub. He even has an obsession of wearing the same pjs when you two go to bed at night. It seems like it was yesterday when the two of you first met in the hospital. It really warms my heart that you two have a good relationship together. I can not tell you how much your grandparents love you. In case you want to know we call them Mimi and Pop-pop. You can thank your brother for those names. 

I feel like I have so much that I want you to know about your first year. I want you to know that your mother and I love you. We do not just love you we absolutely adore you. We had a little bit of a hard time naming you. We really liked the name Grey and that is how we came up with Greyson. Your middle name Brooks has a lot to do with your Aunt Kristin whose middle name is Brooke. Your last name well is just kind of amazing in itself. You will thank me later for that. LOL. You were almost a Camden or Deacon but when we saw you we knew those names did not fit. Now that you are almost one you are eating us literally out of the house. You love blueberries, cheerios and pretty much everything else. You are also almost the size of your 3 year older brother. We are kind of glad that you are because Noah loves to rough house with you. Its pretty amazing that he has not hurt you yet. Even when you take a hard fall you rarely cry and are normally all smiles.

Grey, I want you to know that things are never going to turn out how you think they will. I want you to know that sometimes you are going to have to roll with the punches. Sometimes you are going to have to improvise and sometimes you are going to have accept failure. Failure is ok as long as your learn from it. The greatest thing about life is that tomorrow is always a new day to make things right. Be humble but confident in your decisions as you get older. Fear God, love and respect your mother and realize Noah will always be there to protect you when things get bad. I also want you to remember that I love you and I will always be here for you. 

I have learned in this year that it is impossible to spend a day with a 12 month old and not walk away and look at how amazing life is....

love you,


Press play and take a stroll down Grey's first year.

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