Megan+Chris: Fenway Park

Sometimes things happen and you meet people who you never thought in a million years you would meet.   Sometimes those people then change your look on life. I was in Boston to shoot a wedding with my friend, Kat.  I had some time to kill so I went on a tour of Fenway Park on a rainy afternoon and met Megan and Chris. It was a kind of crazy experience, to be honest. I was on top of the Green Monster when I saw Megan shooting with a carl zeiss lens and immediately knew she was an awesome person. We struck up a conversation and she introduced me to her husband Chris.  We  finished the tour together talking SEC football and Fenway Park. They told me they sold all of their stuff, quit their jobs and dropped their dog off at a friends with the intention of seeing the world. I really can not do their story justice so here is a little more about them from their travel blog called love and passports

We are Megan and Chris, two adventurous souls in search of a life full of love, travel and enlightenment. Both of us are from Louisiana, where there’s never a shortage of seafood, boudin and drive-thru daiquiri spots. On our 2011 honeymoon to Costa Rica we made a decision to get off the mundane hamster wheel that was our life and get out into the world and explore. We were no longer interested in working the almighty 9 to 5, only looking forward to a sprinkling of weekends and one vacation a year. We wanted more out of life and needed to get rid of those material possessions that were weighing us down to do so. In September of 2012 we said good-bye to our house, cars and big screen; and hello to a future that is unwritten. Our pursuit is no longer for possessions, but about the experiences and cultures that we have the potential to grow and learn from.

So, of course, after hearing this awesome story I asked if I could shoot them for 15 minutes after the tour and they totally agreed. After our shoot we grabbed a few beers and talked more about their plans. I left them feeling more inspired than I have been in quite some time...


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