Don't Let Your Photographs Die on Facebook. (part 1)

I see this all the time, we have these big life events like a birth of a child, a wedding, a vacation or some other type of life experience and we rush to share it with others. We post a few photographs on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat and that is where they live and that is where they die.


I say this knowing that any social media platform can end, just ask MySpace or Friendster. Then all of those memories and firsts are lost, forever. Your kid who you are so proud of will never see your happiness at his/her birth. Your family members, guests will forget how awesome of an experience it was to celebrate your wedding because they too are eager to share it online instead of being in the moment. Then the next day it is on to the next thing that social media deems worthy of their attention. 

Social media used to be about sharing experiences and connecting with others. It is now a place where those memories only exist for a short moment. It is why you should make photography albums and print your photographs.


A photograph has about a 300 year shelf life.  Let's take a wedding photograph for example, it will be important to your grandparents, your parents, to you, to your kids and your grandkids.  That is a five generation swing of importance that that photograph will mean something to someone who loves you. 

Why should they only exist online? They shouldn't. Print your photographs because they mean more than you know. 

tim riddick