Don't Let Your Photos Die on Instagram. (Part 2)


I know we all fall into the trap of likes, heart shape smashes and followers. Heck, I have often deleted posts if it has not gotten a few likes in the first few minutes after posting it. I just feel as if "we" have forgotten that photography is about the process and the print. It is not about the like. 

I remember taking my trusty Canon AE-1 shooting a roll of HP-5 and rushing to the university lab to develop my film. I would then spend hours in the dark room making prints of really bad photographs. It didn't matter that my images were slightly out of focus. It matter because I created something that I was proud of even if it was technically a bad image. 


Today, it is click, click, click, click, click until we can capture an image that we hope will take us from joe photograph to famous joe photograph. We then post said image online and wait for the oh's and ah's, the heart shape smashes and followers to come our to way to like the rest of our work. Somewhere along the way we forgot that photography is 1/2 shutter click and 1/2 print. One can exist without the other, but why should it? 


Social media is sham to begin with, let me explain. Do you remember when you would post something online and then someone would see it chronologically? Then some exec thought it was a good idea to decide what they thought people wanted to see and started showing random algorithm of stuff to us. As photographers, we had to adjust, we had to tag people to our photographs. Then all of sudden we couldn't so we moved on to Instagram and then the rules were changed there too. Chasing something that will consistently change will only drive you nuts. The rules will always change and your work may always be hidden.

If you want to make a lasting effect on your client, send them that amazing photograph. Blow it up, number it and autograph it. Your hard work and amazing photos are to good to die on Instagram. 

tim riddick