Going with the flow

"Water flows because it's willing. "  -Mary Rubin

 completely soaked within 20 minutes of our session

 completely soaked within 20 minutes of our session

Yesterday, we had a friend and fellow photographer(Desiree Welch) take a few photographs for us on the beach. We drove an hour to the beach, had dinner with our friends and caught up. It was glorious and it made me kind of sad that they moved away. 

We made the the trip down to beach right about an hour before sunset. The light was killer, my wife looked amazing buuuuut my kids were crazy. Noah wanted to run into the ocean, Grey was eating sand and Silas refused to be put down. Everything went sideways pretty quickly. My wife kept a smile on her face (probably because she deals with this daily and really does an amazing job) but I quickly began to lose it. I hold a high value to family photos. It's one of the few things that I want. I had this preconceived notion that everyone was going to look great and smile at the camera. I was completely wrong. 


I had the inability of being flexible to the situation. I used to think that having a plan meant that I was going to be more prepared to accomplish any task that came from the unknown. I then realized that by being flexible that it allowed creativity to happen. It allowed events to happen and for me to react accordingly. I failed at that yesterday. The great thing about failures is that you learn from them and get a new day.


All shots taken on iPhone 7 edited with Mastin Labs app.

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