How Bad Do You Want It?

How Bad Do You Want It?

Today, I watched an amazing race at the NCAA championships. The University of Southern California women needed to win 4x400 race in order to win the National Championship in Track & Field. When the race started it appeared to be an impossible feat as the USC team fell behind the leader by about 40 meters. In the last 110 meters, all the hard work that USC put in when no one was looking came to fruition.

A lot of this got me thinking about business, photography, and life. We are often dealt an impossible hand at life. Our businesses could be struggling a little bit and we are at a loss at what do to get it on the right track. How do you make up 40 meters in 12 seconds?

1. The First thing you have to do figure out is your why. Why are you taking on what you are taking on in life? Why did you choose the profession that you are in? Why is your photography business struggling? Nothing in life is guaranteed. So, to figure out your why means that you may have to deal with some failure. Failure can be a good thing if you learn from it. Figuring out your why means the failures in life become speed bumps and not stop signs.

2. Trust the process. I know this is probably hard for a lot of people but trusting the process is extremely important in success at any profession. As a photographer, deep down inside we know it is not about the camera, the lens or exotic locations. It is about learning our craft. It is about the process. How did Michael Jordan become the greatest basketball player ever? It was by taking 1000 shots a day until he couldn’t shoot anymore. It is about taking 1000 pictures a day until it clicks. Until you can walk away from a wedding, a portrait session or a studio session 90% confident in what you photographed.

3. What you do in the dark comes to light in the day. I tell people this all the time if you put in the work when no one is looking then it will come to fruition when everyone is looking. If you put in the work, put in the effort and try not take to take shortcuts then the hard work will pay off. You might not become famous but you will be known for how hard you work. If you put in the work you can make up 110 meters in 12 seconds in life.

So, how bad do you want it?

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