Making Your Idols Your Rivals

This week, I am sharing a stage with some of my idols as a speaker for This is Arc, a photography conference for creatives. I am incredibly humbled and honored. It is so great to be able to recharge the batteries creatively, meet online friends and make face to face connections with people. It's what social media is missing.


My main goal in everything that I do is to provide for my family and do what I love.  I have had two other goals this year. The first is to push my limits of creativity. To really try and do something different. To zag when everyone else is zigging. My second goal is to work hard enough to make your idols your rivals. I am starting to see some of that fruit. 

I just want to encourage you, no matter what you are doing in life to continue to work hard. Continue to chip away at your self doubt, continue to take care of yourself and to avoid the noise of those saying you won't be successful. Set goals and then do everything you possibly can to accomplish them. I promise you it will be worth it.

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