I am more than my photographs

In a few weeks I will be launching a new website. It will still have the same cozy feel as my old one but I will be blogging about random things that I find interesting or inspiring on my personal blog. My "50 project" will also have a space on my website. 


I have always felt that rules are meant to be broken. When I started out as photographer, I was told that I should only blog my best stuff. So I did but something else was missing. Me. Sometimes my best stuff is photographed on my cell phone becuase it means something to me.

I have struggles as a father, a husband and a friend. I also have extreme mountain top highs as a father, a husband and a friend. I wonder about random things. I have wants and needs. I worry about my kids. I love my wife and I want the best for us. That comes with a lot of sacrifices and I plan to blog about that. I plan to be pretty honest with what I am thinking and what I am going through. Is my perspective unique? maybe. I do know that life isn't always "rainbows and butterflies but compromise that move us along." Maybe, I am going through some sort of quarter life crisis. Maybe, I am not. I do know that I am more than my photographs.