I am not meant to be here to just work and die.

As a husband and father, I often feel as if I can get bogged down in providing that I forget to spend time with my wife and my family. Listen, I love my wife and kids and sometimes that love can become grey. What I mean by that is that sometimes their is no black(family)/white(work) when it comes to finding balance. It turns into grey because of the feeling to provide financially can kind muddy the water. 

I feel it is the one thing that a lot of primary providers never talk about. The stress of what it means to provide and the crushing weight of the work/life balance. A few times a year, in the spring and fall,  I find myself really sucking at it.  I am learning that when I am in knee deep in work that I need to listen to my wife. I also need to listen to the things she isn’t saying. I haven’t gotten it perfected. I probably never will but I promise to continue to work at it. I just need to remind myself that I am not meant to work and die. You are not meant to just work and die. Let’s all try and be better at it. 





I got the Christmas lights up early this year. 

tim riddick