I am not Thankful

Well, to be honest, I am thankful. I just find it pecuilar that people have to wait until a particular day to say it out loud. Everyday, I am thankful.  I am thankful for my wife and my kids. I am thankful for my in-laws. I am thankful for having a career where I get to interact and meet people I probably never would have if I sat inside a cubical.

Thanksgiving will come and go today. A lot of people will get online and proclaim all that they are thankful for and then Friday will come and they will forget Thursday. People will enjoy their long weekend and dread the upcoming Monday. It’s a shame.

We should be thankful for Monday’s as much as we are thankful for Thanksgiving Thursday. Why? Because every day is another day to make your life better, to make someone else’s day better and it’s another day to love on someone who may be having a bad day.

Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to be thankful. We only have a limited number of days in this life. Let’s make every one a day of gratitude and a day of thanks. Let’s make every day count.

Thanks to those who give.  




tim riddickComment