I Don’t Get It

I don’t get it. 

I spent this entire weekend watching my oldest son grow up right before my eyes. On Friday, we played catch and then we went to see the Potomac Nationals play the Salem Red Sox. He sat wearing his hat and glove for the entire game. He ventured out and got a photograph with Uncle Slam (the Potomac Nationals mascot), and he got a foul ball tossed to him by one of the Salem Red Sox baseball players. 

On Saturday, he had his first soccer game and even though his team lost he hustled while enjoying himself. On Sunday, we sat and watched The Sandlot. He told me he wanted to be Benny Rodriguez before going to bed. 

I have waited my entire life to become a father, and I have waited almost seven years to have this moment this weekend with Noah. 

I do not understand fathers who are not committed to their children. I do not get why so many fathers waste these opportunities because they are more concerned with themselves. I don’t get absentee fathers. How can anyone want to pass up on a weekend as I have had? Dad’s we have work to do.


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