I love your BIG OL' BUTS.

Seriously, I love your buts because every time you say ‘but’ it means that I am getting one step ahead of you. In ways, I want a lot of you to fail. I know that sounds awful, but in truth, I want to weed out those of you who think this is a hobby that can help you make a little scratch. Photography is my life. Photography is what helps provide for my family, and if you fail, then it means I will be one step closer to succeeding. If you for a second doubt what you are doing then do us all a favor and get out now. 

So, how do we change this? How do we stop making excuses and turn our ‘buts’ into victories? We change this by doing the work. 

A lot of you are to busy looking at the finished product. You see what Beyonce is NOW. You know what Apple is in NOW. You see what Bee Walker is NOW. What you don’t see is all the hard WORK that had to go into making Beyonce what she is today. You don’t see behind the scenes when Lebron when was at his lowest and was struggling to believe that he could make it to the NBA. You don’t get to see the failures, the tears, the struggles, the self-doubt, Lebron's dad never being around and we don’t get to see what I listed above happen over and over. We forget before Beyonce was ever Beyonce she was first Beyonce Knowles  She was just another singer who had the aspirations to be great, but she had to put in the WORK to become known by her first name only. 

If you are passionate about this world, then you have to stop using ‘but’ as an excuse for why you haven’t found success. You have to put in the freaking work. Please, please do not fall into the trap of looking at the finished product. Stop getting online and complaining about crap. No one cares. Do you know what people care about in life? Your work and your wins in life. 

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