Working for Exposure

Think about this: A company is offering you a gig that will reach 111.3 million people in the US. The opportunity could potentially sky rocket your future sales, book you a ton of jobs and help you tap several new markets that you weren't able to reach on your own. The pontential of swimming in money like Duck Tales is on the horizon. Here's the catch, they want you to do it for free. They want you to do it for exposure.


Many of us, including myself, would jump at this opportunity without a second thought. How awesome would it be to reach over a 111 million people? 

This is the thing about free exposure, it is far more complicated than people think. Free exposure means you still have to hope that people connect with what you are selling. You still have to do all the foot work, respond to all of the emails, answer all of the phone calls and hope that your hard work will pay off.


The goal at doing anything in life is to work so hard and be so good that when a opportunity like this comes around that you can say no. Not only is it to be able to say no but to be at complete peace with your decision. 


This week the NFL asked Jay-Z to perform at half time of the Super Bowl. Jay-Z turned them down. He did not make a big deal about it but his decision to turn it down leaked out to the press. That's the goal for someone who is self employed, a small business owner, a big business owner is to be so confident in your product that you do not feel the need to work for free exposure. Choose to stand out by not fitting in. A lot can be learned by simply watching everything around you. 

tim riddick