Over the last few days we have had to adjust to change. Grey has had the hardest adjustment. He gets up, eats breakfast, gets dressed, puts his shoes on, walks to the bus stop with us and walks away disappointed. He wants to ride the bus and go to school just like his brother.


Yesterday, he asked to put on his backpack. I was running a little behind and told him we didn't have time. He cried the entire way to the bus stop. I had to hold him the entire time we waited for the bus. I carried him home, told him I loved him and left to work. 

Today, we let him have his backpack and he waved to his brother when he got on the bus. This time He did not cry. He made the adjustment to being left behind. 

Life is about adjustments. Sometimes those adjustments can lead to a better understanding of things we don't completely understand.

tim riddick