Love the failure

When I started working as a photographer I could not get anyone to actually pay me. The first wedding I ever shot I was paid with a case Miller Lite. The first engagement session I ever shot I did it for free 'exposure'. The first family session I ever shot was a friend of a friend. I worked extremely hard to work for free. The work I was creating wasn't very good but it was work. 

In 2011 , I decided that I wanted to pursue photography and I wanted to be paid to pursue my passion. That pursuit came with a lot of no's. scoured Craigslist "gigs" for people searching for photographers. A lot of emails that I sent out received no response or came back with a "sorry, no". 

I didn't give up. I was willing to go 0-1,000 if it took the 1,001st person to say yes. I let every no turn into the motivation and a reminder that I needed to do my best work when some one said yes.

I believe that you and I have been preconditioned to accept no becuase the 'system' tells us no. Heck, people have decided 'no' before even trying something new. We spend a ton of time talking ourselves out of stuff becuase we know that not doing something is easier than rejection. I say, screw that and love the failure. All it takes is one person to say yes. When they do, do everything you can to stick it to everyone who has told you no. Success is sweeter when you have struggled to reach it.

Love the grind.



tim riddick