Morning goodbyes

On Wednesdays, I take Noah to preschool and Grey stays home because his preschool days are Tuesday and Thursday. It doesn't prevent him from wanting to get dressed and wanting to put his backpack on. He does this just so he can stand out on the front porch, wave goodbye to Noah and to tell him that he loves him. It melts me everytime.

I don't want anyone to think that my kids are perfect and that they are always like this with each other. They are not. I do find parenting to be extremely difficult at times. It is a constant feeling of not knowing if what you are trying to instill in them is actually working. Moments like these are the things that tell me that we are at least making some headway.

My wife, who does a lot of the heavy lifting, has been working to make sure that when they are fighting that they stop and hug each other. She told me the other day, when I witnessed the hugging, it was to remind them that they are brothers. I could not agree more. I have a pretty awesome wife and a great partner in this thing called parenting. 

Shot on an Iphone 7 plus and edited with the Madtin Labs app on my phone.  

tim riddick