Netflix doesn't need you

The biggest commodity in 2017 is the attention and time of people. Everywhere I turn around, I feel that small businesses, big corporations, photographers, coffee shop owners, and the NFL is searching for the solution to gain peoples time and attention. What we have today is market over saturation. Everyone is producing great stuff and the causality of that is the lack of attention from consumers. People are dedicated to what they are willing to invest their time. We have gone beyond the 'great product'.


Take television for example, the four big channels (NBC, ABC, FOX and CBS) have been hemorrhaging viewers for years. They have yet to figure out that people do not want to invest 16 weeks and 10 years into a show. Do you know who has figured it out? Netflix. I don't have to go into their model. You already know it. The model, however, has flipped content creation on its head. It flipped they way we consume. I can dedicate 12 hours of one day and move on to the next thing. Netflix has my undivided attention.

Netflix doesn't need you but you need them. It has you for a day or two and then you move on. A lot can be said about any business. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or/and Snapchat has way to much of our time. We need to be thinking like Netflix. We need to try and find what distinguishes us (whatever 'us' is) from the big 4 (big 4 social media) and begin to create our own line of communication and creation content that does not exist solely on social media. Its called building true relationships with people and not just our persona online. Invest your time on people and you will garner their attention. 

Stay Hungry,



Sachin the great.  

tim riddick