No, it's not Mr. Mom. It's just Dad.

My wife is out of town this weekend and I have the privilege of hanging out with my 3 kids. This morning, I got up, made breakfast and got Noah ready for school. I knew I had to run a few errands so right after the bus arrived I packed the other two up and went to $100 store also known as Target. I grabbed a black coffee from Starbucks and a couple of Valentine cookies (are they still fresh? IDK) for Grey and Si. While paying the woman behind the counter was like "Ah, Mr. Mom". I smiled, grabbed my coffee and looked at my two maniacs as they demolished the cookies I just handed them.

We then spent an hour grabbing everything except (I realized this after I was home) paper towels. While making my way around the store, I had two other women make comments about "Mr. Mom and how it was so nice to see a dad out with the kids." 

I know it's meant to be a compliment but deep down inside it also feels like a slight at fatherhood. I mean, television and movies already make it appear as if the Dad is an idiot. They make it out that we are not attentive and we just go with a "yes, dear" while we ignore our family by staring at a TV.  

Being a father is really hard and most parents often mess up. To be honest, all parents mess up. There is no "owners manual" to being a parent. We are all trying to figure it out on the fly. I need to keep it real for a minute, I could not do this without my wife. My wife will probably say ( I hope 😂) the same thing about me.

I don't want nor do I need an attaboy or a participation trophy for parenting my kids. It's my job. I do it proudly and to the best of my ability. I love my kids and no I am not Mr. Mom. I am simply, dad. 

For the record, I spent $140 at Target. It is scientific fact that it is impossible to go into Target and not spend $100.  


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