No Sleep Till Brooklyn

If you are anything like us and you have a gaggle of children then coffee is a pretty big thing in your home. My days are long and often my nights are longer. My wife does the majority of the heavy lifting with our kids. In order to operate she must have coffee first thing in the morning. 

Some of our biggest arguments have come when I have used the last bit of the coffee the day before and have forgotten to tell her. That means when she gets up the following morning and there is no coffee she is instantly annoyed at me. It's the worst to start your day off with a self inflicted wound from the day before. One would think after 8 years of marriage I would have it figured out by now. I don't. 

A few days ago, I was going through my RSS feed and saw that Kinja deals had a special on this super potent coffee called Black Isomnia. Kinja Deals is a website that scours the internet for the best deals online. I am not sure if it was morbid curiosity or the need for more caffeine that caused me to order it.  

I didn't know much about it besides it was on sale for $15. Today, it arrived in the mail. I opened up the packaging and my first impression was how awesome the packaging looked. I then got on my phone and started to do some research and their website claims it has 7 times more caffeine than a can of Red Bull. I hope it does. 


I plan on making my first cup on Sunday morning and then not sleeping until Wednesday (jk). See you on the other side.



tim riddick