One of the best things I have ever done (minimalism part 1)

I have always been a collector of stuff. When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards and comic books. I also collected pogs, video games, rocks and stamps. 

I was collecting stuff because I thought it made me happy. It wasn't. It was just stuff.

As a wedding and portrait photographer, I was beginning to collect cameras like I did baseball cards.  I kid you not, before the month of June, I owned over 40 cameras. I thought I needed options.

In reality, what it was doing was causing me to have decision fatigue.  Everything I owned meant it needed to be stored somewhere and taking care of. When I had something that I needed to photograph, I would look into my treasure chest of gear and wonder what tool I would use. I could never decide becuase I simply had to much stuff.

So I sold almost everything. If I had not picked up a certain camera in 30 days then I sold it. At first, I started to rationalize why I should keep certain things and I held on to it for another week only to eventually put it on eBay. It was the best thing I have ever done.

Making less decisions meant I had a little more time on Saturday morning to spend with my kids and my wife. It meant, I had less batteries to charge, less matienence to keep up with it and one less decision to make before leaving the house. I did the same thing with my lenses. I only needed 3 lenses in actuality maybe 2. It forced me to think more creatively becuase I wasn't worried about how I could create a better photograph with the lens in my bag instead of the lens on my camera.

Shot on a iPhone 7+ 

Shot on a iPhone 7+ 

It meant the best camera was the camera that I had on me. Nine times out of ten that camera is my cell phone. 

So this fall, I am rolling into wedding/portrait/film making season with a lot less but I am more than confident that the tools that I have will make some amazing images.

How can this help you? Well, having less stuff means more money to make memories with loved ones. As a creative, it means it can help you make better decisions on what to actually create and what to create it with. As an individual, it simply means less clutter which can be freeing in itself. 

Let's make some memories. 




tim riddick