A few days ago, I took my oldest son out to ride his bike. He had been asking me for a few days to ride his bike but it was raining. The issue I have had is that he often falls off his and gets frustrated when he can't ride it up a hill. Not this day. He fell, he got off and got back on. Over and over and over until he finally figured it out. This experience got me thinking about persistance. 

Having persistence is generally a good barometer of success. Let's be honest, you are going to fail. We all do. The difference between those that give up and others who continue is some find failure as a speed bump not a stop sign. 

I read some where recently that's Arianna Huffington, the creator of Huffington Post, could not pay anyone to read her material. She had her second book rejected by over 30 publishers. She ran for governor in California and had to drop out of the race because Arnold was destroying her in the polls. But yet, she persisted. Her failures did not cause her to quit but to continue to search for success. 

Persistence is an incredible asset to have because it helps you find a totally new way of doing things.  


tim riddick