Broken Crayons Still Color

About 11 years ago, I met a girl while cutting bread and singing Ricky Martin at the Cheesecake Factory. I will never forget her first words to me "No one sings Ricky Martin". I looked up, grinned, belted out the last few notes and walked away. Keep in mind, I can't sing and I am not sure what she saw in me. 


At this moment in my life, my life was absolutely nuts. I was going through a break up, my mother was moving away, I was working 3 jobs and struggling through school. I was in no shape to foster any type of relationship. I was a little lost and trying to find my way through this thing we call life. I was broken.  


Instead, she wanted to get to know me. She wanted to invest her time me, she wanted to start a life with me, she wanted someone to not sing Ricky Martin.  So, we did. (Well not the Ricky Martin part, I still do that).

I would like to think I am pretty self-aware. I carry a lot baggage that I did not quite understand until I was in my mid to late 20’s. That baggage that I carry, I still struggle with from time to time. Even when I fall she is there to pick me up. She is the perfect Ying to my Yang. Are we perfect? No. 

I am just fortunate that she stuck with me and she realized that broken crayons still color. 

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