Social Media is Ruining Your Dreams

Everyday, I randomly get on social media and find people arguing with each other, asking questions, putting their political thoughts out there and simply being keyboard super heroes.  

I mean, seriously, what is social media doing for you? Is it making you a better person? Do you feel better about yourself? Social media is a thief in the night. It causes constant comparison and more often than not robs you of joy.

As a wedding photographer, I have always felt as if I had to put my work on social media. It was an endless game of trying to get people to see my work. Then Facebook, twitter and Instagram started using an algorithm in showing people what they thought they wanted to see.  

If you clicked on a political ad, naturally, you would see more politics in your news feed. If you clicked on a North face ad then Facebook would show you more pictures of people doing stuff outdoors. You are no longer creating your reality, social media is now creating what they think you want your reality to be. I just want to be successful and happy.

We have 24 hours in a day. 8 (on average)is spent sleeping, 8 hours is spent working, 2 hours eating, 4 hours (on average) is spent on social media or entertainment which leaves only 2 hours in your day (if you did nothing else) to find a way to be successful. 2 hours, think about that, 2 hours in a day to follow your dreams. We waste so much time on something that might not be here tomorrow. 

I suggest that you take a break from social media for a week and if you can do that try it for another week. A lot of dreams are wasted by inaction while doing nothing on social media.  

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