Stop Pandering For “likes”

Stop pandering for “likes”

You want me to keep it real with you? Stop doing crap for likes and Instagram heart shape smashes. Do you want to be a successful photographer? If the answer is yes then you have to stop letting random people (more often than not, bots) determine your worth. 

Everyone is so confused. Everyone is trying to go viral instead of chipping away at success one day at a time. You know what trying to go viral will do to you? It will cause you to chase something that is borderline unachievable. A lot of the people that go viral fall upon it by accident. Trying to go viral will cause you to forget about the long game. It will burn you out and will cause you to quit. 

To be honest with everyone, I don’t have a ton of FB followers. I don’t have a huge Instagram following and I am not on snapchat. I am not an ambassadors for a some photography company. 

Do you know what I do have? Creative freedom. This is how I have achieved the full bank account by doing something I love is that I have remained focused on what I am doing and not what I think others think of me. Let me tell you that nothing is more freeing than to be able to create and not give two cents if someone “likes” what I created. It has allowed me to create and work without regret. 

Stop concentrating on short term gains and begin to concentrate on your long term goals.


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