It is 5:45am and I can't sleep.

Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with a local photographer. She asked me a simple question. How did you become successful? My response was pretty basic. "First, I am not a success. There is and will always be work to be done. I don't have the time to rest of my laurels and think "look, ma, I made it" What does "making it" even mean? My idea of success is to live my life a little better than my parents. Guess what? I am not there yet."

This is the problem with her question in 2017. Everyone I know, no matter the industry, is looking for a shortcut to success. They are not willing to put in the work. They were not there in 2009 when I was erroneously trying to figure out selective coloring. They were not there when I was scouring craigslist begging people to hire me as a photographer. The "gig" ads on craigslist was my best friend. Nah, dude. I am not a success, yet.

A lot of us are playing the short game. We need to play the long game. When everyone is hoping and dreaming to be the next rockstar, we should be putting in the work. We should be laying the foundation today for tomorrow. Let everyone else search for the magic elixir. We already know the elixir is hard work and patience. Work hard because those searching for the shortcuts will never find it and will eventually quit.

tim riddick