The Life We Built.


Happy birthday sweetheart, it seems pretty crazy that we have been at this for so long. When I tell people how we met they have the tendency to laugh. I was singing Ricky Martin "She Bangs" at the bread station inside of the Cheesecake Factory when you walked up to me and told me "no one sings Ricky Martin". Little did you know that 10 years later you would be spending your life with that guy who was erroneously singing his heart out while cutting bread for a guest. It was that day that I feel in love with you. Sure, we have had our ups and downs and times and the times where we questioned what the hell we are doing. It has not been easy. I also think anything worth having means you have to put a lot of hard work into it. I can not imagine life without you. I mean, who else is going to take care of our wild bunch because we both know you are the better parent. Your patience with our three boys astounds me every day. I know you think I am not watching but I am. You make sure that they get enough vegetables, that there socks match (most of the times), you carry the heavy load because I am often gone at night pursuing my passions.  You always read books, sing songs and tell them I love you at bedtime. I am in awe of you every day. There comes a time in ones life when words are not enough to describe a feeling. I am going to attempt to describe it visually through the life we built. 

I love you and I am so happy I stole the line from Good Will Hunting and I left Florida because "I had to see about a girl"

ever yours and happy birthday.


The Life We Built.

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