Bet on Yourself Not Others and The Fall of Style Me Pretty

Bet on yourself and not on others.

If you haven’t been paying attention, then you probably do not know that a wedding photography stalwart died this week. It was a fiery death of surprising proportions to many of us who have been in the game for a hot minute. Style Me Pretty was and has been a place to get published, to gain exposure and to find new business. 

There are several problems with building a brand or business via the success of another brand but the biggest is when it fails so will you. I told many of you that 2018 was the year of building and rebuilding relationships. Style Me Pretty closing is just another resounding sign of that statement. I promise you this will not be the only time something like this happens in 2018. Although I saw a lot of photographers who were shocked at the news, I did not see anyone asking how they can help. That is what happens when you don’t build relationships. 

I would seriously argue with anyone that you should NOT put all of your eggs in a few baskets. You should not be banking on Facebook, Twitter, Ello, Instagram, Snapchat, a blog or any other social media platform to build your business. You should be building your business by getting out and meeting people. You should be growing your business by being compassionate to others and genuinely investing in others. You should be investing in yourself and into others.

Would you build a house with no support on top of a mountain because it has better views? You could, but eventually, it will be washed down to the valley. It might not happen today, it might not happen in 5 years or 10, but ultimately, it will happen. When you are elevated above others, it can be surprising to many when you fall. When you are elevated through obstacles, relationships and good deeds for others when you fall there will be people there to help pick you up. 

There will always be hits that come in life. There will still be someone who is willing to knock you out to get ahead of you. The difference for those of us who have built real meaningful relationships with others is there will be someone there to help you get off of the mat.

I can not encourage you enough to get off of your computer and go out and meet people. You should be telling them who you are and why you are passionate about what you are doing. I promise it will yield results. 

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