Why Gear Doesn't Matter

I know this is probably a little silly titling this "Why Gear Doesn't Matter" and showing you a picture of my kit. Last week, I got a personal message from a local photographer asking me what lens should they buy for their new Canon 5d Mark IV. I gave a few suggestions but then I begin to think that the lenses and cameras do not matter if you are not good at capturing moments between people.

We get so wrapped up in the technical stuff like new sensors, new camera bodies, new lenses, dynamic range and the lists goes on and on. The crazy part about it all is that all the new gear will not help you take a meaningful photograph. We have to work on what we see and how to see moments to create images that genuinely connect with our clients.

As a wedding photographer, I don't think my clients are genuinely super concerned about my wedding kit when they are looking back at an image that I have taken of a loved one who just passed away. They probably aren't concerned that a photograph was shot on film or a digital camera. They probably don't care if a picture of a loved one was photographed on a Canon L series lens, a Zeiss lens or a cheap 50mm 1.8. They care more about the images of their friends and family and how the picture makes them feel. I think we should concentrate more on that than about new gear.

The cameras from 1952 works the same as the cameras in 2018. The great photographers of the past had cameras with fewer bells and whistles than we do today. The only difference is they mastered what they saw while photographers today are concerned what gear is in our bag.


tim riddickComment