Women = Men

Gender equality is ingrained at a very young age. We teach our kids that women are lesser than men. It is subtle, like in the wording on clothing. "Tough like Daddy" "Mommy's little helper". It's almost like women are not able to do things on their own. They are, but we rarely, if ever see something like "Strong Like Mommy" or "Tough like Mommy" on clothing for boys. It's also why the majority of boys clothes are blue and black and girls clothes are pink and yellow. Who says a boy can't like sparkles or the color pink? Who says girls can't play with dump trucks and hot wheels?  My wife is the toughest and strongest person I know. So, why shouldn't my 3 boys realize that?

My wife isn't physically stronger than me but we don't acknowledge that strong doesn't always have to mean physical strength. It's just rare that we as a society acknowledge that women are strong. Especially, when it comes to children. Women are thought to be care givers and men as workers. Gender roles are seen everywhere. Teaching young boys that women are strong and independent of men, I think is a good thing.

I find my wife to be amazing and she is also my rock. My wife and I want to raise boys that are respectful to women. It starts with teaching them young and boy are we up for the challenge.

Trying to break the barrier of perception of gender rolls is extremely important. 


tim riddick