Your Are Not A Product of Your Situation

You are the product of your decisions. I am pretty convicted of the title of this blog post.  Life is about choices. You can either make good decisions or bad decisions but ultimately your fate is determined from those choices.

In my personal opinion, failure and adversity makes a person. The idea that if you fail that you can not get back up again is a myth. A lot really depends on your makeup as a person. You have to be able to reinvent yourself and learn from the failures of your past. It is ok to have made a wrong decision. The difference between losing and winning from that bad decision is if you learn from it. A lot people make the same mistakes because they don't learn from the previous one. 

I think the one of the best examples of this can be learned from Tom Brady or Michael Jordan. Going into the 2016 NFL football season, Tom Brady, at 38 years old had a really bad year the year before throwing the ball deep down the field. He spent the entire off season improving his deep ball to become one of the best deep ball passers in 2017.  Jordan in the first half of his career was one the best guards in the paint during the era of big men in the NBA. At 28, Jordan, developed an outside shot by spending hours in the off season working on shooting 3's. He then became the greatest player to ever play the game. It can be said that both of these players had ambition and that they became the best at their position by putting in the work and learning from what worked and what did not. 

We have one at bat in life. If you want to change your situation then you have to make better decisions while learning from the bad ones. It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 85. Everyday is a day to do something different. 


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