Ashlie+Vardi | Winder, Georgia | The 50 Project

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Sometimes, when we go out together, people look at us strangely. It’s not like how they look at other couples of the same race. It’s different. Some people have a shocked or surprised facial look, when they realize we are together.

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I didn’t really have any real concerns going into an interracial marriage. I am of white and Puerto Rican decent, so interracial relationships were not something new to me. I was raised by my single mother that never showed me to treat another color or race different than that of my own. I have friends that are from all parts of the world, so I have always been exposed to other cultures and colors.
— Ashlie
One of the things that I have learned about being in an interracial relationship is to be accepting; treat each others with kindness, regardless of race. It shouldn’t be about the race of that person, they are still a person.
— Vardi
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I have had the question, before getting married, like what will happen about our kids. Some of my family thought they would get made fun of, or be called names. Although we haven’t had any children yet, we will be able show them that they are special because God uniquely created them, to be exactly who they are. God does not make mistakes and they are “fearfully and wonderfully made”.
— Ashlie
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The only issue I had while dating was that my mom wanted me to marry a girl that has the same ethnicity of me, which is Haitian. Ashlie is not Haitian.
— Vardi
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The advice that I would give to people who are wondering about interracial couples is to be respectful and honest with yourself.
— Ashlie
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Don’t be afraid to date someone of a different race. If your feelings for that person are real, then go for it! Love someone for who they are, don’t not love someone because they don’t have the same color or background as you. We are all different; we are all God’s children.